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s. Hagel's nomination has been rumored for weeks and sparked criticism. ? WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- Former U.S. secretary of state Collin Powell on Sunday voiced strong suppo

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a native of Punjab province in Pakistan, holds a Canadian passport. While he has a residence in Ottawa, Canada, he has been a long-time resident of Chicago with businesses here, i

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ing emails. The FBI traced the emails to Broadwell and then discovered that Broadwell was Petraeus' girlfriend. U.S. lawmakers on both sides have criticized the FBI for not notify

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o from the facility's 15-meter-high rooftop. At least 25 people were injured in the riot, excluding the two guards who had been seized early Sunday and taken to the hospital upon t

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cemen were accused by some illegal Central American immigrants of committing crimes involving kidnapping and illegal confinement. Thousands of illegal Central and South American im

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ile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil have been affected the most, while the continuing eruption of Puyehue has led to the evacuation of several thousands people who lived

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nd to Latin America," the state daily Granma cited Castro as saying. Castro stressed Chavez's key role in the region, adding that the Venezuelan leader was also "one of the main a